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My work:



Ethnic Meets Contemporary

I studied and started my artistic direction as a metal sculptor. Therefore my approach to jewelry design comes from a different manner of thinking than that of the traditional jewelry designer. I find gold an amazing, fine and delicate material for the creation of small objects and jewelry. By listening to its specific voice, I have developed my own language for the design of small body sculptures.

Tracing and exploring hundreds and thousands of years of gold jewelry making, I feel like a link in the long chain of goldsmiths through the ages.

In my studio I find ways to renew some ancient techniques of making gold jewelry, in order to create my own contemporary designs. My major inspiration comes from the organic world and the open spaces of the desert, soft forms,  textured and mat surfaces. 


My studio

In the beginning of the 90's, The World Gold Council  recognized my new, unique and unusual approach to gold jewelry and chose to present my line all over the globe.  As a result, I was invited to exhibit at the "International Designer Hall" in the Jewelry Basel Fair and received orders from all over the world. The increasing volume of orders required new productions methods, while keeping the "One of a Kind" feeling and maintaining the ancient/contemporary look.



My unique line drew worldwide attention. Articles covering my work and exhibitions appeared in international leading magazines, including VOGUE Gioiello  Italy,  ELLE, JCK  USA, GZ Germany  and Jewelry books such as  "jewellery in Israel" by Dr Iris Fishof, "Beresheet Design", "Jewelry Design in the 21st  Century", "The Erotic Jewelry" By Dr Claude Mazloum.


The collection

My collection is designed to be made of 18K gold, some of them are setting with diamonds and precious stones.

The collection is directed to the high-end market, which is looking for special design and high quality, using the finest materials.  

Willing to keep my independence as an artist, I refused many international applications for partnerships or co-operation during almost 40 years of my studio existence.

Recently I reduced my activity in the international market and am concentrating on artistic 'One of a Kind' designs, which I present in exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Next to this activity I invest my time and experience in education, teaching as a senior lecturer at the Shenkar School for engineering and Design. 


Batia Wang   CV 



Born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Lives and works in the Artists Village Ein-Hod and in Tel-Aviv, Israel.



Master in Metal sculpture and design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Graduated and received the Prize of the Austrian Department of Education and Sciences for her Master project .


Fine Arts and Art Education at the "Hamidrasha"  School of higher Education in Art, Tel-Aviv.


Painting and drawing at the Tel-Aviv School of Painting, directed by Margushensky



Since 1974  Studio for Jewelry Design, first in Vienna than in the Artists Village Ein-Hod and in Tel-Aviv, Israel.





Last years single exhibitions: 

     2011  En-Hod Gallery "Pixel"

     2010  "Artists Studies", Dusseldorf, Germany "Everything is in place but

                 nothing is in Order"

     2009  Greenwurcel Galery, Tel Aviv "Charcoal Sketches" 



Last years group exhibitions:

2015    Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv ,   "A matter of time"   Temporary Israeli Jewelry no. 7

2015    BBK Kunstforum Düsseldorf, Germany   "Angekommen-Zurueckgekommen"  

2013    "A place"  En-Hod Galery

2012    The Norton Museum of Art

2011    Design Museum Holon "Bleu & White Expo"

2011    Design Museum Holon, "Designed in Israel 4"

2010    Hangar 21 Tel Aviv,  , "Designed in Israel 3"

2010    Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv , " Sequences, identities", Temporary Israeli  Jewelry  5

2010    Diamonds Museum, Ramat Gan "On the point of a diamond"

2009    "SOFA" Chicago, AIDA    

2009    "Periscope" gallery, Tel Aviv. 


1991 and 1992, Batia Wang was chosen by the World Gold Council as one of the world’s leading gold designers.

1997,   Won the first prize in the Diamond Jewelry Design Competition, in Israel, appointed by the De-Beers, the Israeli Export Institute, the Israeli and the American diamonds Industry.

1994 and on chosen and invited by the Basel international jewelry fair to present, yearly, her designs at the "International Designers Hall".



Since 1998    senior lecturer at "Shenkar" School of Engineering, Art and Design

Since  2005   lecturer at The Israeli Diamond Industry

1995, 1996    College of Architecture and Design, "Hasadna"

1993, 1994    lecturer  at the Open University of Israel

1986-1995     School for Goldsmith and Jewelry Design, "Omanit"

1986-1993     Haifa University, Art Department 

1982, 1983    International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, 


Batia Wang has been serving on the judging committee for student scholarship grants of the “America-Israel Cultural Foundation" since 1995.  She has been a judge for scholarships in the design fields which are awarded to students in 1st and 2nd degree study programs


Batia wang was serving as the head of the Jewelry Design Section at the Israeli Designers Community 2009-2010


Appears in Books:


"Jewellery in Israel - Multicultural Diversity 1948 to the present"  By Dr. Iris Fishof

Arnoldssch Art Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany


"Beresheet Design" by Orly Robinson and Zila Yaron,

Yediot Aharonot Publishers, Israel


"Israel Fashion Art 1948 – 2008" By Nurit Bat-Yaar

Resling Publisher, Tel Aviv, Israel  


“The Art of Erotic Jewelry”  By Dr. Claude Mazloum , 

Edition: Gremesse International, Roma.


“Jewelry Design in the 21st Century” By Dr. Claude Mazloum,

Edition: Gremesse International, Roma.                                                                                                                      



Newspapers reviews:  


VOGUE Gioiello. Italy.

Jewelry International, ELLE,  LIFE,   WJS, and more.  England.

JCK,  National Jewler, Rapaport, USA.  Die Presse, Kurier, NZ, AZ, Salzburger Nachrichten, Illustrierte Neue Welt, and more. Austria.

GZ, Rheinische Post, Essener Tagebuch, WAZ-Essen, Aachner Nachrichten and more.  Germany

Luxemburg, Luxemburg

Jewelry magazins in Japan and Hong-Kong

Gouden Tijden, Holland

Haaretz, Maariv, Yediot, Globs, laisha, At, Hyahalom, Lady Globs, Jerusalem Post, and more, Israel.

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