Batia Wang  

Batia Wang - Artist and designer

Senior lecturer at the Shenkar Collage  Art, Design, Engineering.


Owner of the brand name "Batia Wang Design" which design, produce and export  unique high class jewelry in 18 and 24 carat gold.     


Master degree from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Specialized in Metal Sculpture and Design.

Batia Wang exhibits her jewelry worldwide and was selected by the "World Gold Council" as one of the leading trends of the 90's.  

Batia Wang Design    +972-52-3533883

"A Matter of Time"   gold 999
MUSA Eretz Israel Museum Tel-Aviv. Temporary Israeli Jewelry no. 7
 "Mitzpe Ramon"'  9 brooches, gold 750

"Everything is on place but nothing is in Order" (poet Zeev Tene), gold 999, wool

 Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv ,

" Sequences, identities",

Temporary Israeli Jewelry  5

 "Charcoal Sketches",  gold 750

Greenwurcel Gallery, Tel Aviv 

"Air"   Hamisrad Gallery

The "World Gold Council" Selection, London 1991

The "World Gold Council" Selection, London 1991

 The "World Gold Council" Selection, London 1991

Batia Wang Design            +972-52-3533883  

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